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Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Eric , Jake ,Larry and Sudeep from California who were in New Orleans to enjoy some good ,fun and fishing. With the tide on the switch around the bite was slow but we managed to get the six red they wanted to eat then fished catch and release. It was a steady day of fishing with red fish and then speckle trout . I had a blast with these guys . Thanks again guys .I’m back on the water Friday. “COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME” with Capt Jason Shilling and New Orleans Style Fishing Charters located just 30 min south of New Orleans call to book a trip





After being down for a week I’m back on the water and it feel good to be back on the boat. Thanks to Capt Roy for helping while I was down. Taking care of my customers and catching fish. Last day the Iowa guys wanted to fish trout. With a bunch of lil trout biting they decided to go back after the reds. Wise choose cause they smoked em. Saturday I had Mr. Chase and 9 of his buddies in for a good day of fishing. Still unable to fish I wanna Thank Capt Donovan, Capt Roy, And Capt Austin for helping me with them guys and catching a bunch of reds. They had a grand time. Fishing New Orleans is a lot of fun and this city has so many other things to do as well. A good friend of mine Mr Johnny, his son Steve and their friend Mr Roy were in town for the Jazz Festival and decided to come fish Sunday. The morning looked promising with bird diving and shrimp popping the trout were on. A Lot of school trout but lots of action. After moving around a lil we got into some good trout. Wouldn’t ya know it, a water spout and weather building, time to head north for some reds. After running from the ran we ended the day with 24 trout and 11 nice red fish.(and stayed dry). Monday I had the pleasure of fishing Mr Tab, his son Wade, and their friend Mr Andy. The bite was a lil slow but we ended up with our limit of red fish in the ice chest and back at the dock before the rain came. The red fish have been between 16-25 ” Fishing has been good and I don’t expect it to do anything but get better. May is a very good month to fish  in New Orleans. I wanna thank every one that has fished with New Orleans Style Fishing Charters this week and I look forward to seeing y’all again soon. I’m back on the water Thursday and will be posting a report. If you would like to get in on the action “COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME” with one of the best New Orleans fishing guides, Capt Jason Shilling and New Orleans Style Fishing Charters. Call or email to book a trip.





This week I’ve had the pleasure of fishing with Mr. Hank , his brother Jeremy and Mr Dave on Thursday and Dan and his buddy David on Friday . Both day we got into some speckle trout with a lot of lil ones the action was constant . After catching enough to fill a bag with fillets we moved on to fishing red fish and catching a mixture of sizes . From 15-30+” fish . New Orleans fishing has been good and getting better . The weather has been a lil up and down but for the most part its been good. Ive been posting videos on YOU TUBE if you would like to see some of the action we are getting into. “COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME” with Capt Jason Shilling and New Orleans Style Fishing Charters 504-416-5896


The last week hasn’t been what you would call ideal conditions . With a system moving in from the West early in the week. We have been dealing with high winds and low tides. Even though the weather has been uncooperative we have been catching fish ,RED FISH Its been a week of fishing hard with good rewards. Things are settling back down and the tide is back to normal. Yesterday we had 16 reds . I wanna thank everybody that has fished with me this week . Its been a fun week and I’ve enjoyed fishing with y’all. This week I have a few days open if anybody want to “COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME” The weather is right and the fish are here. Give me a call or email to book a trip or to answer any questions . Capt Jason Shilling.. 504-416-5896


This weekend I had the pleasure of having some good friends down from Arkansas again . Every year they come down fish a couple of day we go to the crawfish cook off and have a good time. And this year wasn’t any different. We fished 2 days in the shallow water with artificial and caught some good red fish. There wasn’t anything fast about it but the bite was steady . With most of the fish in the 17-22″ range we did hook up to the occasional 25-30″ fish .The trout are starting to show up and with the nice weather in the forcast im sure there wi With good fishing and good company what more could a guy ask for. If you’ve never fished New Orleans at this time of year you don’t know what your missing . So give me a call and “COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME” I have a few days open this week . 504-416-5896 Capt Jason Shilling

3-13-2012 New Orleans Red Fish are BITING

This weekend wasn’t the ideal conditions but we stuck it out and caught fish. With high winds and some rain I stayed in the back water marsh and avoided the open water . Friday we ran 2 boats with 8 guys from Pontotoc Ms and ended up with red fish and bass with lots of good times, Saturday I had 3 guys from NE Tennessee we fished a while with artificial and caught a few reds early but with the winds kicking up and the water getting muddy we put some shrimp under a cork and ended up with a mixed bag of fish with 13 reds ,a bass, a trout, a flounder, a catfish ,and a sheephead . The guys were ammazed of all the different fish we have to catch in this area. Sunday I had the pleasure of fishing with Mr &Mrs Grimes from Austin Texas with rain in the forcast for most of the day they opted to go ahead and fish. With a light shower now and then armed with rainsuits and fishing poles we caught 13 reds and lots of action. I enjoyed the time on the water thjis weekend dispite the weather it was a good time. Thanks Guys for the Awesome weekend of fishing .I have a few days off but back at it friday. If your looking to “COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME ” Give me a call and lets go catch some fish. This is New Orleans Fishing at its finest.

Capt Jason Shilling



I had the pleasure of fishing with a couple of good friends Wednesday . Despite the wind blowing 30 mph we had a blast fishing tight line with spoons and plastics. Catching mostly redfish 16″-20″ range with  the occational bass and speckle trout biting .  Its almost March and the weather is right , the fish are biting and its time to fish. I have a few days open in March but they are booking up fast so if you’d like to “COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME”  give me Capt Jason Shilling  a call or email to book a trip. The fishing is just gonna get better from here going.   504-416-5896


January 17, 2012

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OK here we are 2012. WOW!! Hope every one had a wonderful Holiday and a great New Year. Down here in South Louisiana we don’t usually get a long winter. But this year it’s like no winter at all a few cold days here and there but for the most part its been really nice. With nice weather you get nice fish . I fished a couple days ago with a friend and caught some nice reds. Lafitte fishing is some of the best fishing in south Louisiana from the hard fighting red fish to the paper mouth speckled trout . we are catching fish and gearing up for the spring fishing . I’ve been booking trips so don’t miss out this year on the dates you want, give me a call and let go fishing. If this year is anything like last year we are gonna have a good time and I cant wait to see old friends and make some new ones.

If you’re looking for Louisiana fishing charters, you’ve come to the right place! “COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME” with me Capt Jason Shilling and New Orleans Style Fishing Charters (504) 416-5896.


October 24, 2011

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I had a good week of fishing. The temps have been down and the red fish have been biting like crazy. The fish we caught have been very healthy and plump with their bellies full and still feeding. They have been averaging from 18″-22″ with the occasional 27-30 “ The trout have started to show up not a lot but a few. It wont be long and we will start catching them pretty good. Even tho we had a pretty good front blow threw and winds out the north all week the fish have been biting good enough to come in with limits of them. I wanna thank every body that came fish this week and look forward to seeing y’all again soon. If you would like to get in on the action give me a call or email soon for the best in New Orleans fishing charters and “COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME ” with Capt Jason Shilling and New Orleans Style Fishing Charters


October 16, 2011

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Its been a fun week . I fished every day but wed and have been catching limits of 17-22′ red fish . We have been fishing some shallow ponds in the marsh most of the week due to the wind . Other than a lil wind some days the weather has been perfect and the fish have been frisky. I had the pleasure of enjoying these good fishing trips with Mr. Bill ,Ashton and Drew from Tennessee . Mr. John, Randy, Dwayne and Anthony from Mississippi. Mr Bill , Mr Scott, and Tuff from Boston. Mr William, Mr Jim, and Greg from Arkansas and an old friend that I haven’t seen in a while Victor and his wife Nicky . I had a blast and Thank you . The red fish are biting and the weather is nice now is the time to be fishing . I have a few days available if you’d like to come down and enjoy some good fishing . COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME with Capt Jason Shilling and New Orleans Style Fishing Charters 504-416-5896

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