I fished Friday with Mr. Alan ,his son Mark and his dad Mr. Sonny from New Orleans some local guys. The Bite was a lil slow but in the end we had 19 a mixed bag of fish . That evening I fished Mr Chad and his  wife Mrs. Wendy from Indiana  . The evening bite was a little better with 18 fish but bigger fish . Saturday I fished with Mr. Dan Mr Craig and Mr Dusty from Mississippi after moving around a lil we caught 12 reds a nice trout and a good bass . Three of the reds were over 27″ . It was a good weekend with lots of fun and action Thanks Guys. The weather is getting a lil warm but the wind has kept it comfortable. Ill be back on the water tomorrow and should have a report up in the next few days .


We are still not effected by the high river in our fishing or living. NO FLOODING going on here. I have been fishing a few times this week . Seems like the wind still wont give us a break but we have been putting a mess of fish in the box. Red fish, drum and flounder..I fished Mr. Ray , Mr.Larry and Mr. Pushpaw  who were in for a conventin  5/18/2011 . Lauren, Kristy , Chris , and Bryan from FL 5/20/2011 what a fun trip that was . Thanks guys  . Cathy , Pealard , and Mr.Mac fished with me 5/22/2011 their  some locals who like to fish and have a good time and that we did . On each trip the average has been 12-20 reds and 5-10 drum with your occasional flounder or two.Thanks guys for the fun days of fishing . Fishing has been good, weather has been tolerable . Its May and the fishing  just gets better from here . The new is still covering the Mississippi River flooding  and I just want to make it clear we are not effected buy the river here in south  louisiana. so COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME

5-19-2011 NO FLOOD WATER HERE !!!

Been having some computer problems so I haven’t been able to get my reports out but I have been fishing and catching reds and some specks . we have been having a crazy May with 2 cold fronts blowing threw so far . But we have been able to get on some nice  fish. Everyday is different some days they come fast and some we have to work  for em but at the end we always have a mess of fish in the box. Booking has slowed some and I’m guessing its from the news of the Mississippi River  being at its flood stage. We are not effected by this . Just yesterday I couldn’t get into a pond I like to fish cause the water was so low from the cold front that blew for 2days. The media always reports the worst of things . I’m back on the water tomorrow  Its May and the fish are on and the weather has been nice. COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME.

3-30-2011 LATE START

Today we had to wait back for the weather to pass that was in front of a cold front. Around 11:30 we were able to head out and see how we could do. With the wind picking up and the temps dropping we knew it was gonna be a rough day.,but Mr Dan, Mr Mike, Mr. Chris , and Mr Gary were all ready to give it a shot.  We hit quite a few spots with lil luck in most but ended the day with a mixed bag of 10 fish .(red fish ,drum ,sheep head ,flounders and catfish) the only thing we didn’t catch was a speckle trout. We did catch a few fish that were just under the size limit so that’s a good sign  for the months to come.  Its a lil  hard to find fish in those conditions and if you haven’t had a fair day of  fishing you just haven’t fished enough . The fishing was slow but we had a good time.Thanks guys for the fun couple of days . I have been fishing mostly new customer and have been enjoying meeting everybody I look forward to seeing y’all again . April I have quite a few people booked who I have fished before and I’m looking forward to fishing with them again. Thanks to all who COME  FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME.

3/28/2011 UTAH VS. BULL REDS

Another day on the water fighting the bull reds . I had Mr. Steve and Mr. Mark in from Utah who have never caught a red fish before , so I brought them out to the pass and see if we could get on some of the big bull reds and drum. Not long after the half a crab hit the bottom the reds were biting . The weather was fair then we had a lil north wind blow in and slowed the fish up and made it choppy . We moved around a lil and found a  few drum and a couple more reds. They caught 12 reds ,4 drum  and a good time. The reds are around 20-30# and the drum 12-25# the biggest fish either of them has ever caught. Glad yall had a good time guys and thanks for the good day of fishing.

3/20/2011 Southeast Louisiana Bull reds

Today was a really good fishing trip .Not because the fish bit any different from the last few days ,but cause I had some friends in town that I haven’t seen in a few years . Trey and Marty flew in from Texas to spend the weekend with friends and family. Their dad EJ and brother in law George came fishing with us as well. With the weather as nice as it was ,the fish biting like the local mosquitoes at dark ,and fishing with friends the day couldn’t have gone any better . We caught 20 BIG BULL REDS and just a couple of drum . Fishing with cracked crabs on bottom  in the Grand Isle  pass .  After a good day of fishing and catching up on thing we headed back to Mr. Ej’s place where we had  Bar-b-Que  and some more laughs . It was nice to have old friend in town and enjoying the day on the water together . I have a few days off this week but will be back on the water come friday and I’ will let ya know how we make out . If you want to enjoy a day on the water fishing give me a call and COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME

March 10, 2011 Red fish in the box

Today I fished Mr. Steve Gruber , his son Chase ,and his friend Alex from Minnisota .The morning started off slow and cold with a cold front blowing 20 mph ,not the ideal conditions for fishing . After searching around a little we got on some fish and put 11 nice reds in the box and a flounder .  We caught quite a few red fish that were just short of the slot limit to keep. That’s a good sign for the months to come . Despite the weather conditions everybody had a good time . Thanks for the fun day of fishing guys. Fishing in Lafitte is getting better every day so book your trip today and get in on some of the action .