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Monday I fished Mr Ron , Mr Leroy , and Mr Robert from south Texas .With some thunder storms in the area that I’ve been fishing red fish I took a ride south and fished for  trout .  After catching a few throw backs and 14 keepers  and hooked into a 20# drum  the weather cleared to the north and off we went in search for  the reds . The water was clear but low so the bite was a lil slow but we ended up with 19 keepers and a bunch of throw backs that didn’t make the size limit. Fishing in New Orleans with weedless spoons is a very effective way to fish the grass beds for red fish . The red fish were between 16-22″ which are the best for the grill or frying . If you’ve never been on a New Orleans fishing Charter it a must do if visiting New Orleans . Its lots of fun and affordable for all . We accommodate all from the experienced or the fist timers . So Give us a call and “COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME” with Capt Jason Shilling and New Orleans Style Fishing Charters  504-416-5896 captjasonshilling@yahoo.com http://www.threepalmslodge.com/


Ok so this week has been a busy one .I hate going days without posting reports but it happens . The week has been full with  limits of red fish from 16″-27″ caught on anything from spoons and spinner baits to market shrimp on the bottom . I fish to the weather and customers. Every thing we have been fishing with here in New Orleans has caught fish .I wanna thank everybody who has been out fishing w I still have some days open in June if you’d like to get in on some of this action . “COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME ”  With Capt Jason Shilling and New Orleans Style Fishing Charters 504-416-5896 http://www.threepalmslodge.com/

9-18-2011 Red fish stacked up after TS Lee

September 18, 2011

Louisiana fishing charter fans are probably wondering why we haven’t posted lately.

Its been a while since I last posted a report and I’m sorry for that . I have been fishing quite a bit . We had a lil down time with Tropical Storm Lee pushing some water up and flooding the town I live in . Not a lot of water but just enough to flood the streets in the low areas. If you have never fished down here in south Louisiana after a hurricane or tropical storm you don’t know what your missing. The storms push salt water in and turns up the gulf so the fish push into the inland waters that we fish and its non stop action. The red fish have been schooled up and they are nice ones between 20-27″ The weather has taken a turn for the better the humidity is dropping and so has the temp. September is a good month to fish and October is even better. If you would like to book a trip to get in on this action contact me and lets get on the water and have a great day of fishing.
Capt Jason Shilling-504-416-5896–captjasonshilling@yahoo.com

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August 4, 2011

New Orleans fishing is at its best during this season.

The fish have moved out of the big lakes and bays and are in the marshes and bayous of Lafitte , Louisiana . I fished Wednesday of last week , Saturday , Sunday 2 boats and yesterday. I have been having some really fun customers and exciting fishing trips . We have been fishing in shallow water ponds with gold weedless spoons and catching good numbers of red fish. The bite has been early but we still catch fish through out the day . August is here and the heat has set in . As long as there is a light breeze or a lil cloud cover its comfortable . The trout have moved out of the area but they will be back soon . Thanks to every one who has fished with me in the past week and I’m looking forward to fishing with the customers I have in the books for the up and coming trips.

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July 21, 2011

Need some reliable Louisiana fishing guides? Maybe I can help.

I have been fishing a bunch since my last report . It just gets a lil rough to get to the computer at times . We have been catching some good numbers and size specks . Some days are better than others .The red fish are biting as well we may have to look around a lil but once ya find em the action is on. The weather has been cooperative at times . We’ve been having some evening showers but for the most part, its been comfortable fishing weather. I wanna thank everybody that I have fished with in the last 2 weeks for coming out and fishing a NAWLINS good time . Its been some fun and action packed trips. I look forward to seeing every one again and look forward to meeting the new customers that I have been booking. Thanks again and call or email to book your trip today to COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME with Capt Jason Shilling and New Orleans Style Fishing Charters.

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Its been a busy week of fishing for me .Ive been on the water 6 out of the last 9 days and the fish have been biting. Catching good number of reds and specks . The reds have been in the average of 16-22 ” with some coming in over 25″ . The specks have been 12-18 ” fish and have been catching 50 -100 in a lil while . I have a couple days off as of right now but all that can change with a phone call or 2. If you would like to get in on some of this fishing action down in Lafitte Louisiana  give me a call or email and COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME .

Capt Jason Shilling



6-22-2011 FED EX from Tenn

Monday I had the pleasure of fishing with some guys that work for FED EX in Tenn . It started off to be a rough morning when I woke with a stomach bug . Not being  able to find anyone in such short notice I had to go or cancel . I dont like to cancel  . I made the call and off to catch some fish we went.  With the full moon being up all night the fish were a lil sluggish in the morning . I made some tackle changes and it made the difference. Ended the day with 14- reds , 12 drum , a trout , and a flounder in the box to take back to Tenn. Mr Charles , Mr Chuck ,Jr and Mr Scott  loved to fish and do some competitive joking around . Thanks guys for the fun day on the water . The weather was nice a lil breezy but it kept the temps comfortable. I’m back on the water Friday . Book your trip today and “COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME” with Capt Jason Shilling and New Orleans Style Fishing Charters



I fished Friday with Mr. Alan ,his son Mark and his dad Mr. Sonny from New Orleans some local guys. The Bite was a lil slow but in the end we had 19 a mixed bag of fish . That evening I fished Mr Chad and his  wife Mrs. Wendy from Indiana  . The evening bite was a little better with 18 fish but bigger fish . Saturday I fished with Mr. Dan Mr Craig and Mr Dusty from Mississippi after moving around a lil we caught 12 reds a nice trout and a good bass . Three of the reds were over 27″ . It was a good weekend with lots of fun and action Thanks Guys. The weather is getting a lil warm but the wind has kept it comfortable. Ill be back on the water tomorrow and should have a report up in the next few days .