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March 12, 2010 – Windy Weather Reds

The weather has not been cooperating for us I have had a couple of trips canceled due to the weather but that’s the way it goes.

The bull reds have shown up .Its a little ride to get to where they are but its a blast to fight a 20# bull red in deep water. I fished Mr.Jim ,Mrs, Molly and their two girls Kate and Abby today. We where gonna head out after the big reds but with the wind blowing 20+mph we opted to stay close in and avoid the rough waters. We ended up with 7 nice reds and a couple of throw backs . With the wind blowing so hard out of the north and the water muddy we had to fish on bottom with market shrimp. It payed off and everyone had a good time.

February 26,2010 – Gearing Up for Fishing Season

Hunting season has come and gone . Now its time to trade the gun in for the fishing pole. A buddy and I have been fishing bass since sometime in January . Despite the low water and cold weather we have been catching good number of nice bass. Its about time to start fishing for the red fish. I have a few trips coming up in the next week. Hopefully the weather holds up for them and we can get out and find some clean water to catch some fish in. I will post a report of how we do.
Capt Jason Shilling

August 8-9

fished this weekend with Mr. McGomery and his friend Steve. The wind was blowing out of the wrong direction for us to go fish on the fish that I had found earlier this week.We went over on the east side in some ponds and caught our fish and had a blast .Not all the fish we caught were keepers but we finished the day with our limit of reds.The weather was clear skies ,windy , and a little warm but manageable.Thanks guys for the good weekend.To book a trip e-mail or call me 504-416-5896

Capt. Jason Shilling


August 4, 2009

I’m finally getting around to figuring out this reports page on my web site .Sorry its taken me so long to get to it. Today I took the boat out to go scouting around for the up coming weekend. looking for some fish that haven’t been fished on as hard as the spots that we have been fishing. First I went try my hand on some bass with little luck ,unlike last week when my good friend Roy and I went .We caught 12 bass 6 of which were between 3-4# and 6 that were in the 1 1/2 -2# range all coming in the boat by way of buzzbait.Topwater action is always a blast.We sometimes fish redfish with buzz baits and boy what action that is . With little luck with the bass I went searching for some reds and I found some that were schooled up in a shallow water area. I fished them with spoons and spinnerbait mostly sight fishing em. I caught 10 and released them for another day to fight. Can’t wait to put my guys on these fish this weekend. To book a trip call or drop me a line at captjasonshilling@yahoo.com (504)416-5896