fishing season


This has been another good week of fishing here in New Orleans . I started the week off Friday and fished through Monday , four days of fishing and catching limits of red fish here in New Orleans .I wanna thank everybody who has come out to fish with New Orleans Style Fishing Charters .Thanks to  Capt Roy for giving me a hand with Mr Heroyushi and his friend Sunday. The weather has been a lil steamy but most of the time we have been having a light breeze so it hasn’t been bad . Most of the red fish we have been catching have been on spoons in the grass beds . I did go throw shrimp under a cork yesterday since I had Mr John and his 3 young sons ,and we still caught good with the shrimp. New Orleans fishing charters are fun and affordable for everyone so “COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME “with New Orleans Style Fishing Charters and me Capt Jason Shilling I do have some availability this weekend but I don’t see that lasting long .Give us a call to book your trip 504-416-5896


4th Of July Fishing In New Orleans With A Bang

Today was a good day to be on the water fishing here in New Orleans . Its the 4th of July and to be able to do what I do for a living makes me proud to be an American . Today I had the Falcon family with me Mr Will his son Will Jr and daughter Sahra from New Orleans and I had Capt roy helping me with Mr Eddie and Mr John on his boat from Nevada . With a light breeze the weather couldn’t have been any better and the fish were hungry . With both boats having our limits of red fish for 9 am It was gonna be hard to make this day any better. After catching our limits we continued to fish catching plenty more reds and enjoying the day . All red fish were caught on weedless spoons and were in the 20″-27″ range . Everyone had a blast . Fishing in Neew Orleans at this time is action packed so give me a call and “COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME ” with New Orleans Style Fishing Charters and Capt Jason Shilling 504-416-5896

6-19-2012 windy windy windy

Well despite the weather and the fish not cooperating I had a grand time this weekend with my customers. Saturday the wind blew 30+ and stormy it had everything muddied up and the fish stirred up, same goes for Sunday with just a lil less wind . I don’t like posting reports like this but the fact are the facts it was a tough couple of days . Both days we caught fish just not the quality of fish that we have been catching. All trips cant be cherry ,With good customers we still had a good time on the water . Fathers day was nice I had all the In laws over for a late lunch and a lil family time . Ill be back on the water Thursday and looking to have some nice cooperative weather and fish to boot. “COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME “with New Orleans Style fishing Charters  and Capt Jason Shilling




Ok so this week has been a busy one .I hate going days without posting reports but it happens . The week has been full with  limits of red fish from 16″-27″ caught on anything from spoons and spinner baits to market shrimp on the bottom . I fish to the weather and customers. Every thing we have been fishing with here in New Orleans has caught fish .I wanna thank everybody who has been out fishing w I still have some days open in June if you’d like to get in on some of this action . “COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME ”  With Capt Jason Shilling and New Orleans Style Fishing Charters 504-416-5896


Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Eric , Jake ,Larry and Sudeep from California who were in New Orleans to enjoy some good ,fun and fishing. With the tide on the switch around the bite was slow but we managed to get the six red they wanted to eat then fished catch and release. It was a steady day of fishing with red fish and then speckle trout . I had a blast with these guys . Thanks again guys .I’m back on the water Friday. “COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME” with Capt Jason Shilling and New Orleans Style Fishing Charters located just 30 min south of New Orleans call to book a trip





This weekend I had the pleasure of having some good friends down from Arkansas again . Every year they come down fish a couple of day we go to the crawfish cook off and have a good time. And this year wasn’t any different. We fished 2 days in the shallow water with artificial and caught some good red fish. There wasn’t anything fast about it but the bite was steady . With most of the fish in the 17-22″ range we did hook up to the occasional 25-30″ fish .The trout are starting to show up and with the nice weather in the forcast im sure there wi With good fishing and good company what more could a guy ask for. If you’ve never fished New Orleans at this time of year you don’t know what your missing . So give me a call and “COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME” I have a few days open this week . 504-416-5896 Capt Jason Shilling

3-13-2012 New Orleans Red Fish are BITING

This weekend wasn’t the ideal conditions but we stuck it out and caught fish. With high winds and some rain I stayed in the back water marsh and avoided the open water . Friday we ran 2 boats with 8 guys from Pontotoc Ms and ended up with red fish and bass with lots of good times, Saturday I had 3 guys from NE Tennessee we fished a while with artificial and caught a few reds early but with the winds kicking up and the water getting muddy we put some shrimp under a cork and ended up with a mixed bag of fish with 13 reds ,a bass, a trout, a flounder, a catfish ,and a sheephead . The guys were ammazed of all the different fish we have to catch in this area. Sunday I had the pleasure of fishing with Mr &Mrs Grimes from Austin Texas with rain in the forcast for most of the day they opted to go ahead and fish. With a light shower now and then armed with rainsuits and fishing poles we caught 13 reds and lots of action. I enjoyed the time on the water thjis weekend dispite the weather it was a good time. Thanks Guys for the Awesome weekend of fishing .I have a few days off but back at it friday. If your looking to “COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME ” Give me a call and lets go catch some fish. This is New Orleans Fishing at its finest.

Capt Jason Shilling



February 10, 2012

Some good old fashioned New Orleans fishing was just what I had in mind when I woke up today!

This morning was a good one. Left the house around 6:30, took a ride and got on some trout. Nice trout before I knew it I had my limit and it was only 9.25 trout all around 15″-17″ fishing tight line. I tried with the cork, no luck. The weather this morning was windy and cool with a cold front approaching. By the time I got finished cleaning fish, the clouds had moved in and the rain came an hour later . COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME. To book a trip call Capt. Jason Shilling at (504) 416-5896.

New Orleans fishing is a treat you don’t want to miss.

6-22-2011 FED EX from Tenn

Monday I had the pleasure of fishing with some guys that work for FED EX in Tenn . It started off to be a rough morning when I woke with a stomach bug . Not being  able to find anyone in such short notice I had to go or cancel . I dont like to cancel  . I made the call and off to catch some fish we went.  With the full moon being up all night the fish were a lil sluggish in the morning . I made some tackle changes and it made the difference. Ended the day with 14- reds , 12 drum , a trout , and a flounder in the box to take back to Tenn. Mr Charles , Mr Chuck ,Jr and Mr Scott  loved to fish and do some competitive joking around . Thanks guys for the fun day on the water . The weather was nice a lil breezy but it kept the temps comfortable. I’m back on the water Friday . Book your trip today and “COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME” with Capt Jason Shilling and New Orleans Style Fishing Charters