This weekend has been action packed down in south Louisiana . I fished Mr. Jordan, Mr. Levi , and Mr Tracy from Baton Rouge . It was a good day of fishing nothing hot and heavy but steady . We had a few t-storms most of the day but it didn’t stop these guys from wanting to keep going . Just rain no lightening . We ended the day with 12 reds 9 drum and 2 flounders. Saturday I had the pleasure in helping a friend with a trip that was a bachelor party . These are always fun . Blake , RW, and Brody from Texas had the time of their lives . We got on the water and the winds were calm and the trout were biting. After a fun of day of fishing we cleaned 85 trout.  These guys knew how to fish and have a good time. Today I fished Mr. Louis his wife Andrea , son Manny and Dad Mr. Louis  winds were calm and the trout were biting but not like the day before. we boxed 31 trout 4 reds and a drum . I enjoyed fishing with everybody its always a new adventure every trip out. Thanks guys . Back on the water tomorrow . to book your action packed fun fishing trip email or call and COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME with Capt Jason Shilling and New Orleans Style Fishing Charters 504-416-5896  -captjasonshilling@yahoo.com

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