Sunday morning started off like most till about 5am when I got a call from my customers Mr Byant and his son saying that they had been in a accident and his car was not drivable . After confirming that everyone was alright I asked if he would like to still go fishing . Him and his son said they would very much so like to go . So back to the house to get my truck and off I went to pick em up. With a lil delay with the wreck we still got on the water with plenty of time to go fishing and that’s just what we did the with the wind blowing 20-25 fishing was a lil rough but we managed to catch our 15 red fish and 2 drum and lots of fun . Some times it takes a lil more effort to make things work out but it always pays off in the end . “COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME “with New Orleans Style Fishing Charters  and Capt Jason Shilling 504-416-5896

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