Well today was one of the days that no one wants to see when its time to go fishing . The wind was blowing from the South West at 20-25mph and rough. I had Mr Dan and Mr. Russ in from North Louisiana . It was to rough to go out to where I have been catching the big fish so we hit the banks of the bays that we could and the Bayous that were calm. The wind had everything  turned up and muddy. I was in touch with a few friends who also guide to see how everybody was doing and it seemed to be tough all around with the conditions. After fishing what seemed to be 100 spots and crossing some rough waters we picked up a mixed bag of fish for 11 fish . I’m not gonna sugar coat it , it was a rough day of fishing but we had a good time and caught some fish. Not every day can be a good day . (wouldn’t that be nice). I’m back on the water Monday the weather looks like its gonna be better so we ought to go fishing. To get in on some good fishing in Lafitte, Louisiana give me a call and COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME

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