3/28/2011 UTAH VS. BULL REDS

Another day on the water fighting the bull reds . I had Mr. Steve and Mr. Mark in from Utah who have never caught a red fish before , so I brought them out to the pass and see if we could get on some of the big bull reds and drum. Not long after the half a crab hit the bottom the reds were biting . The weather was fair then we had a lil north wind blow in and slowed the fish up and made it choppy . We moved around a lil and found a  few drum and a couple more reds. They caught 12 reds ,4 drum  and a good time. The reds are around 20-30# and the drum 12-25# the biggest fish either of them has ever caught. Glad yall had a good time guys and thanks for the good day of fishing.

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