5-19-2011 NO FLOOD WATER HERE !!!

Been having some computer problems so I haven’t been able to get my reports out but I have been fishing and catching reds and some specks . we have been having a crazy May with 2 cold fronts blowing threw so far . But we have been able to get on some nice  fish. Everyday is different some days they come fast and some we have to work  for em but at the end we always have a mess of fish in the box. Booking has slowed some and I’m guessing its from the news of the Mississippi River  being at its flood stage. We are not effected by this . Just yesterday I couldn’t get into a pond I like to fish cause the water was so low from the cold front that blew for 2days. The media always reports the worst of things . I’m back on the water tomorrow  Its May and the fish are on and the weather has been nice. COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME.

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