lafitte red fish charters


Monday I fished Mr Ron , Mr Leroy , and Mr Robert from south Texas .With some thunder storms in the area that I’ve been fishing red fish I took a ride south and fished for  trout .  After catching a few throw backs and 14 keepers  and hooked into a 20# drum  the weather cleared to the north and off we went in search for  the reds . The water was clear but low so the bite was a lil slow but we ended up with 19 keepers and a bunch of throw backs that didn’t make the size limit. Fishing in New Orleans with weedless spoons is a very effective way to fish the grass beds for red fish . The red fish were between 16-22″ which are the best for the grill or frying . If you’ve never been on a New Orleans fishing Charter it a must do if visiting New Orleans . Its lots of fun and affordable for all . We accommodate all from the experienced or the fist timers . So Give us a call and “COME FISH A NAWLINS GOOD TIME” with Capt Jason Shilling and New Orleans Style Fishing Charters  504-416-5896